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Some Easy Ways To A Healthy Travel Lunch

One of the most important keys to successful weight loss is controlling the number of calories that you put into your body each day. Once you do this perfectly and maintain the habit for a long time, the weight will decrease week after week.

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So, here are 3 easy ways to make sure you have a healthy travel lunch along with 1-2 servings of snacks to take to work each day.

1) Cook extra for dinner so you have leftovers

This is one of the easiest ways to make sure you have a healthy lunch for the next day. When you're cooking dinner, just add to the recipe for a few extra servings to make sure there are leftovers. Be careful not to overeat as there is still food in the pots and pans.

2) If you eat at a restaurant, immediately put half of it in the travel container

Let's face it, most restaurant portions offer more than you need to eat. If you are going out for dinner, ask your waiter to bring a travel container with your meal. Before you eat, divide it in half in a container and wrap.

3) Always keep your fridge to make a simple lunch

If you haven't cooked the night before and there are no leftovers and you haven't eaten either, your final backup plan is to make sure you have lunch to drive with you to work with the stuff in the fridge ready to put together something quick and nutritious.