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Different Types of Lanyard Attachments


Different types of attachments are used with lanyard. The basic purpose of an attachment is to hold or carry an object such as ID cards, keys, bottles, mobile phones and so on. There are various types of attachments available in the market and each of them is used for various purposes.

Following are some types of lanyard attachments that are commonly used in offices, schools and at home:

1. Split Key Ring Attachment

This type of attachment is usually used for hanging and keeping keys safe. Split key ring attachments are available in two finishes; these include black oxide and nickel plated. These are long lasting, durable, and relatively economical.

2. Swivel Hook Attachments

There are several types of swivel hook attachments that can easily be used with lanyards. Moreover, these are available in different sizes so users can easily select one that suits their need. Swivel hook attachments are considered great for holding on ID cards and cards that have a hole punched at the top.

3. Plastic Hooks

If you have a limited budget and you have to order lots of lanyards then plastic hooks are a good option for you. These are available in various widths and colours. Moreover, they will not twist the lanyard ensuring the ID card is always visible. These are easily available in various colours including purple, red, blue, green and yellow.

4. Badge reel

This kind of attachment is usually used in offices by employee as they are more practical. Employees can easily show their cards using this attachment.

By selecting the right attachment, you can make cheap lanyards look attractive.