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Important Concerns For The French Classical Garden Landscape

It may be axiomatic in architecture and landscaping that class how you make it. It begins and ends with concerns like the French classical garden landscape design in New York. It may be another style of design setting, or it could even be a mixture of preferred pieces or installs, but it should work out as harmonious, balanced and beautiful.

The harmony first of all can come with a complement for homes and other standing structures. This is ideally done with balance, even when the pieces may be in contrast and not harmonious at all. Balance is something that is achieved through the good use of space and perspectives, and this could even provide great interest for enthusiasts.

Proportion is a thing that works ultimately for the kind of landscaping style being discussed. The French have mastered the art of planting greenery relevant to mansions or manors and even palaces. Perhaps the most famous apex of this kind of style of gardening is symbolized in reality by the gardens at Versailles Palace.

This has been famous through history, unfortunately because it triggered the coming of the French Revolution. But then, it was and still is beautiful, so much so that it has become a classic work of art in landscaping terms. The process became known as French classical basically because all the material elements were French.

However, these are leavened by ancient stuff, usually the ones that were available from ancient Greece or Rome. The classicism rests on balance and proportion, things that rely on straight lines and perfect curves, on things being placed in a way that is right in the human sense. This is not about nature but about things that are pleasing to the human eye.

Most people will think this overdone, but when you deal with architects, they may prefer this over other styles. Because this is so like a structure or a structured landscape, so much so that structure and landscape can lead in and out of each other. The integration of plants, trees and flowers may seem an afterthought because of this.

However, at some more domestic and more relaxed level, it is actually the best thing to have with more formal kinds of homes. These may have some wrought iron fencing or grilles, are made of stone and marble and the like. When the garden is classical, it will work best when the structure itself is also classical.

Although there are no true records of what real gardens in the classical times of Greece looked like, the Romans gave the idea and passed it on. Beauty in the classical sense is still so striking and great to have that there is actually no argument about how this is something that many consumes could want.

The need is often addressed through the services of landscape designers and artists. There is much artistry that is involved here, and in a city like NYC, there are some of the most discerning and pickiest of consumers for this. Even so, there are artists that can meet their standards, too.