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Selling Yourself, Your Practice and Your Dental Services

Medical ( dental ) marketing is a combo of your actions! It's a blend of everything you and your staff do or don't do. It's about all the marketing and advertising you use to convey your services to actual and/or potential patients.

This "combination marketing" contains both external and inner marketing, and includes from the appearance of your patient bathroom floor to the type, color and style of your logo design. It is the way your staff talks on the telephone and the way in which in which patients are escorted out of the office.

An essential element to successful dental marketing is that you realize this. Your marketing only will be successful to the magnitude that you're actually able to "sell the services" to your patients.

I actually don't care how much money you're spending on your Yellow Page and radio advertising, if you aren't passing out cookies and coffee in your response area, or if you have the best location and biggest sign in town. 

Like it or not, successful dental marketing involves "selling" -selling "Yourself", your practice and your services.

Another dentist in my area uses really nice print advertisements in his marketing to patients. He has an ultra Yellow Page Ad with an image of a happy family, great copy, and bright colors. However you can also consult the experts at http://genuine.dental/service/dental-implants/ for best advice.

Certainly, he understands how to market to prospective customers, or at least he's smart enough to have appointed someone that does, but for some reason, this individual doesn't understand the real value of actually being able to get those patients to buy his services.

To be successful at dental marketing you need to come full circle and become good at selling "Yourself", The Practice As well as your Dental Solutions.