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Floor Wipes: The Awesome New Cleaning Product Explained

floor wipes

Forums are continually raving about emerging cleaning products and techniques, and floor wipes are no exception. Here is why they are becoming increasingly more popular in homes and some of their features and benefits. 

Floor wipes can be found in packs of disposable wipes. These come in a variety of fragrances and detergents, boasting everything from disinfecting, citrus fresh, to antibacterial. These are a convenient option for busy individuals who want something they can quickly attach to their floor cleaning device and clean small or large sections of the floor without having to worry about first preparing the floor or a detergent mix. These also come in eco-friendly detergent types and some are even biodegradable. 

Other types of floor wipes come detergent-free and are reusable. This is great for those who are environmentally conscious and prefer to reuse and recycle as much as they can to reduce their environmental footprint. Additionally, this caters to people who have sensitivities or allergies they need to address in their cleaning practices, allowing them to select their detergents that best suit their home, or none at all if that is the preference. 

Floor cleaning wipes are easily attached to a device that appears like a broom without bristles. Some use velcro to attach. Floor cleaning wipes can also be used for spot cleaning without the mop device, being used by hand. This makes them great for homes but also good for small businesses such as cafes. 

floor wipes

Floor cleaning wipes are great solutions to those looking for easier and more environmentally friendly cleaning options. They also cater to those that need to be mindful of the types of detergents used in the home, or those wanting to have a variety of fragrances and detergents available to choose from.