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The Top Five Procedures in Treating Poor Eyesight

Do you want to enjoy living and doing your favorite activities without wearing eyeglasses? You no longer have to wear eyeglasses to do your duties and work. Use these top five long-lasting solutions in improving eyesight.

1. Small Incision

Lenticule Extraction (SMILE) – this procedure uses a laser to treat eye conditions particularly myopia and astigmatism. This advanced eye surgery uses a single femtosecond laser. Moreover, SMILE procedure does not hurt.

2. Bladeless Wavefront All Laser (LASIK)

One of the most common eye surgery procedures conducted to cure myopia, astigmatism, and hyperopia. This technique also uses laser to improve the visual condition of the patient

3. Refractive Cataract Surgery

This particular eye surgery is delivered to individuals with cataract. The procedure is performed during the removal of cataract to immediately improve the patient's eyesight.

4. Topography-guided Custom Ablation (T-CAT)

This technique of surgery is effective in treating individuals with keratoconus which is a progressive disorder that attacks the cornea. This procedure utilizes excimer laser to improve an individual's vision.

5. Implantable Collamer Lens (ICL)

The ICL procedure is a great alternative to wearing traditional contact lenses. It can correct your vision by positioning implantable contact lenses between the iris and lens of your eye. At CCRS Clear Vision, they deliver all of these procedures through the expertise of Dr. Paul C Lee. You are welcome to ask them questions regarding their services. Visit them at their office or contact them through their website.

Laser Eye Surgery: Post-Operation Tips and Reminders

Research at vision institutes on corrective eye treatments has certainly gone a long way. Nowadays, people have various options in correcting their eye problems and conditions such as laser eye surgery (translated in Spanish as "cirugia laser para ojos"). Although you have decided to undergo one of these advanced procedures, it does not mean that you will not do anything else to ensure your clear and almost perfect vision. After your laser eye surgery, below are some of the reminders and guidelines to live by.

Post-Operation Tips and Reminders 

Never miss an appointment with your eye surgeon. In case you experience severe pain or worsening, instead of improving vision, quickly see your doctor rather than wait for your appointment schedule. According to WebMD, you must not take shower or even wash your hair until a day after the surgery. When you could finally take a bath or wash your hair, make sure that no soap gets in your eyes. While your eyes are still healing, you should also not let any product like hair spray or shaving cologne get in your eyes. Even if you feel like you want to rub your eyes, never do so for at least one month. You should actually not do anything that could make the eyes uncomfortable or stressed out such as driving. You may only drive once the doctor gives approval.

You would likely receive a post-operative kit that includes eye shield or goggles. Make sure you wear them when sleeping especially during the first seven nights after the surgery.