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The Groundbreaking Change In Ophthalmology

The ReLEx Smile eye surgery procedure is sweeping the eye surgery scene! All the top eye clinics in the world are racing each other to who can provide greater comfort, and a higher success rate, and with the introduction of the ReLEx Smile technique, the market is in for a groundbreaking change. There isn’t a surgeon in the world who doesn’t dream of the technology which would allow him to treat his patients in minimal time, while having the chance to promise them a whopping success rate of over 95 per cent! This is exactly what the eye surgeons are getting with the ReLEx Smile eye surgery technique!

Compared to all other techniques in eye surgery, the ReLEx Smile is the least invasive one, and uses only one single instrument for the entire process. This is the fact that reduces the time of the surgery drastically, and raises the level of comfort. Now, the patient doesn’t have to be moved, so a great surgeon can complete the entire procedure in less than 20 minutes, including the preparation of the patient, and the check up after the operation. If you need more information on this fantastic eye surgery method, and the clinics already offering it, you can visit this website.

Lasik An Invasive Way to Treat Short and Far Sightedness

Laser eye surgery offers a lot of benefit and is the best option for the patients who are facing with the problems of eye issues. There are many types of eye surgeries depending on the condition of the eye deficiencies of the patients and so one can use the eye surgery type according to the problem of eye sight. You can visit any reliable site and  view the website  for knowing the benefits of eye laser. You can get the suggestion about the type of laser surgery to opt from your doctor about the benefits or flaws, if any. Lasik is the most convenient option for those people who are active and they considered wearing glasses a nuisance and so they can use this technique to get rid of glasses or lenses.

The issue of astigmatism is also very common and is also the eyesight problem but mostly it is misunderstood. It is basically not an eye disease or eye health problem but the refractive error in which the person is unable to focus on light. Light actually fails to come to a single focus on retina due to which retina is unable to produce a clearer vision. The symptom included the vision to be blurred or distorted. The smile Lasik is a very safe and reliable option for the patients having this problem and is comfortable as well.