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Church- Sound Of heaven

Church a place where people go to find peace, some goes there to thanks god and some go to complaint but people go to church daily weekly monthly or yearly. Church gates are open for everyone and that is why they are build. Some people start or build the church because they love God and some people do it in the name of God to help other people. 

Church is not only a place to worship to Jesus or mother  Mary but church owner’s members also do various activities to help poor people like they collect clothes for poor people , toys for children’s, food for poor’s and some even provide shelters to the people who don’t have any place to live. To visit best church nearby your place you get through at https://www.soundofheaven.church/.



Jesus died to save its people and for him all believers are valuable and some churches consider it’s their responsibility to serve them as they wanted to be served. Jesus always wants from its people to forgive everyone, to practice forgiveness.

 Ask people about the reason that why they did it try to understand their situation, problem and forgive them because ultimately you want peace in your life. Churches are built by giving your proper time and commitment to your work to the God. God has gifted everyone; every believer has at least one gift that can be used for the glory of God and for the edification of other believers.

A person should always contribute in building the church and not destroying it by gossiping, talking negatively about other persons. Everyone is equal in god’s eyes and everyone is important for him. Whenever we go to church we believe that everything is in God’s hands and which is true some people don’t believe it but for them also Jesus thinks the same as for his believers.