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Have Tower defense in Interesting Mode

The tower defense games are one of most popular games where player has to make his own strategy to develop towers to prevent the opponent to reach the destination point. The tower building may involve some strategy as when and which tower to build up for defeating the enemy. The enemy has to shoot the towers coming on their path.

The Pokemon is renovation the game in very interesting way to attract the player with its different interesting ways of tower making. Here the pokemon themselves acts as a tower and the player has to defeat the opponent with maximum six pokemon.

The pokemon can be seen with their several upcoming features like eggs, pokemon breeding, new story line, day and night cycle, better interface, more achievements and more items, more avtars etc. These games can be efficiently run on several mobile platforms like Android, IOS, Play station portable and Nintendo etc.

The interesting character of tower making makes our game more interesting and adventurous. The Pokemon tower defense 2 come up with more improved features of tower defense in the game. The pokemon can be freely moved in the battle by the player. These are few features of game which maintains the excitement level of player.