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Guidelines to Adjust Your Binoculars

For adjusting binoculars, you are required to consider viewing distance, optical systems and any abnormalities in the viewer's eye. It would be more valuable to take your binoculars in the outdoors and then begin the process of adjusting the focus than doing it at home.

Here is a summary of what you need to be careful of when you adjust your binoculars.

Eyepiece spacing

The space between the pupils of human eyes is commonly between 55mm and 75mm. When you buy your new binoculars, the first thing you need to do is to set the eyepiece spacing according to your need.

After holding the binoculars in a usual position, you must hold the barrels of the binoculars and move them closer or beyond to adjust the eyepiece. If the binoculars have an IPD scale, you could note the setting for future use. You can visit http://www.rddusa.com for getting the best and durable binoculars.

Choosing eyecup height

Binocular eyecups are typical of the rubber roll-down, twist-up or pop-up variety. As in the case of the eyepiece, the eyecup height for your binoculars requires adjusting too.

Focusing the lenses

Most binoculars come with three types of focusing systems for the lenses. These comprise centre focus for dioptre adjustment, the individual focus for each eyepiece and fixed focus for exact distance viewing. You need to regulate the focusing system to get the best output.