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Australian Visas Tourist and Family-Related Visitors

You will need an Australian visa if you plan to visit Australia for a holiday or family visit. You will need a visa depending on your purpose in Australia, your nationality, and how long you plan to stay. However, you may need an Electronic Travel Authority (Visitor), Tourist visa, or Sponsored Family Visitor visa. 

No matter what, you need to apply for the entire time you intend to stay in Australia. It is possible that your visa will not be extended once you have arrived. You can apply for a tourist and family visa through the finest Australian migration specialists.

The Electronic Travel Authority (ETA), (Visitor), is exactly what it sounds like. You may not receive a stamp or label in a passport, but the Australian immigration officers will keep a record. If you're not from Australia and have a passport from one of the 34 eligible countries, you can apply for an ETA. 

The Australian Government Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs website has a complete list. It includes most countries from Western Europe, Scandinavia, the USA, and many Far Eastern countries. 

Special arrangements are available for citizens from countries that are not included on the list. A visa called an ETA (Visitor Visa) can be obtained through a travel agency, an airline, online, or at an Australian consulate in your country. This type of visa is free if you apply online.