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Bread Coupons to Baking: A Guide to Getting Cheap and Free Bread

Unless you follow a gluten-free diet or a low-carb, then the bread is one of the most common staples in your grocery list, and take a big part of your weekly food budget.

A person living alone can consume around two or three loaves of bread a week, but the larger family consume two or three times that amount. If you're looking for ways to reduce the cost of your groceries, then save on the purchase of your bread probably the best place to start.

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Save the bread does not mean that you should reduce your consumption of bread. It simply means making smart choices and knowing where to go and when to buy your bread. Here are some tips to get cheap and affordable bread.

1) Use Bread Coupons. You can find coupons from the newspaper of the usual weekend of coupon sites. Most bakers also include a coupon in the packaging of their bread, which you can use for future purchases. Coupons are great to use not only for bread sold in groceries and supermarkets but also for pastries and bread from the bakeries, as well.

2) Look For The Bread Most Affordable You Can Find. Go to a different store and another store network and compare the prices of bread. The price of bread will typically vary, so you can choose the store that sells the most affordable.

3) Check Markdown The Schedule. Grocery store and bakery mark their prices down on certain days of the week, so if you know when it is, you can head down there and buy your weekly supply of bread. Bread is sold at a discount to make way for the arrival of new and fresh, but this does not mean that they are over. Discounts may be several days old bread already, but you can still eat them without problems.

4) Improvise Meals. If most of your family members such as fresh bread, stale bread you can incorporate into your diet. Stale bread is great for puddings, croutons, soup sticks, snacks and the like. You will never run out of recipes that you can use for stale bread – so you do not have to worry about buying heavily discounted or marked bread.

5) Learn to Make Your Own. If you have a lot of time on your hands, you could even go down and make their own bread. If you plan to do this for a long time, you can invest in a bread maker, which can make the job easier. Or you can ask family and friends who may have bought bread maker in the past and had no plans to use them again. You can make a batch of bread weekly, or if you are in for a challenge, you can bake them fresh every day.