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Most Common Workplace Accidents And Injuries

It is not uncommon to have accidents and injuries at workplaces. If the environment is not structured in a safe way, several mishaps can get out of hand. The same is true if the environment is kept safe – several major problems can easily be avoided. Because of these things, it is very important that proper safety precautions are taken. Here are some likely and common injuries that can happen:


1. Slips, trips and falls

Slips, trips and falls are one of the most common reasons of injury. You can encounter a slippery surface anywhere whether at home, workplace or even on the road. Another common and big risk is falling from a great height like from a ladder, platforms at height, scaffolding and etc.

2. Muscle sprains and strains

Another common type of injury at a workplace is straining your muscles especially among workers who regularly use and move heavy equipment and items. Neck and back strains are especially frequent while working with heavy equipment.  These types of injuries can be avoided by giving proper training of using Australian safety supplies efficiently to workers. These trainings reduce the number of injuries at workplace. 

3. Falling objects

It is not unusual that often workers are found to be on the receiving end of a falling item. It can lead to severe injuries and even worst case scenarios, to death. It is very important to check the machinery frequently and give trainings to workers regarding proper lifting methods.         

These are a few types of injuries that occur frequently at workplaces.