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Mark Mcilyar Has Developed Unique Fitness Program For Older Men

Mark Mcilyar is the brain child behind Abs After 40, a new and exciting 90-day fitness program. He is a 53-year-old fitness guru with an extremely toned and cut body. He testifies that he had excess belly fat, and he underwent a rigorous exercise regimen to transform his body to the one we see today. He used his experience as well as his in-depth knowledge of fitness to develop the Abs After 40 workout program.

One reason older men have a hard time staying in shape is that exercise becomes less important to some people as they age. Older men are often busy, and they do not see working out as a priority. At the same time, their body's metabolism has often slowed down, creating excess belly fat. Compounding the problem is the fact that most men's energy levels are lower when they are in their 40s and older, and a strong energy level is essential for older men to get and stay in shape.

Many workout programs are high impact and designed toward younger men. The programs commonly found online now do not work for older men. Men in their 40s or older can harm themselves by using programs that are geared toward younger men because their bodies are not as sturdy as they used to be. A low-impact program is more optimal. Mark's Abs After 40 workout system helps men by offering exercises that are less harsh on joints and bones. The program is 90 days and includes three phases that focus on both exercise and nutrition.