Is Monsanto Genetically Modified?

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Nearly twenty years have passed since the first Frankenstein of the plant world was pieced together in a secret laboratory, "The Killer Tomato" aka, Flavr Savr tomatoes. Why would they ever attempt such a thing? Because they can!

Flavr Savr (alias GCN-89564-2; "flavor saver") is a tomato that has been genetically modified and was the first genetically engineered food to be licensed for human consumption and commercially grown. This killer tomato was the brainchild of Calgene, a company in California that messes with genes, hence, Calgene.

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Even though Calgene made history by developing a better tomato than God could, by enabling it to ripen slower and last longer on the shelf, financial issues ensued and — you guessed it – Frankenstein's mama, Monsanto, bought them out.

The king of kings and the father of "Laboratory Perversion and Corruption," Monsanto has been busy buying out the competition and continues to twist, bend and weave plant genes to their heart's content.

Monsanto is delighted to save millions of dollars on test-rats and monkeys since they are testing their genetically modified (GM) foods on us. 

Despite the growing mountain of evidence and proof that genetically modified foods are adversely affecting the health of both man and beast, including insects such as honey bees that are involved in pollination, new GM foods are created every day. Honey bees are dying off from eating the pollen from GM foods.

Yet, despite the overwhelming facts spurred on by dozens of organizations and agencies insisting on the mandatory labeling of GM foods, the federal government turns a deaf ear.

Genetically Modified foods have been declared illegal in dozens of countries while we can't even get our government to label the abomination. And, we have been sucking down this food for nearly two decades with no hope for deliverance in sight.

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