Information About How to Get a Russian Tourist Visa?

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I moved to Russia on my own, without the support of a tour operator. And therefore, I needed to use to get a Russian tourist visa myself; you can order now the invitation voucher for Russia.

Russia requires an invitation letter to initiate the visa procedure. If you’re booking through a travel agent or tour operator that they will be able to enable you to gets the process moving to make things simpler for you.

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Russian website St. Petersburg guide

I utilized St. Petersburg guide for $19.99 USD per individual with quick turnaround support in a few days. Then I went into the Russian consulate site for my place in the United States and filled from the Russian visa application form.

After following all of the instructions and filling out the forms, I sent off my application combined with the entire $193 fee at a cashier’s check.

Allow enough time

I did this about two months ahead of my journey.

I received a tourist visa that is valid for only around 30 days. The dates you say in your visa application has to be within the time period.

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