How To Stop Your Roof Tiles From Being Blown Off?

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Tiled roofs look good, but they are vulnerable to strong winds. As the wind moves over the roof, upward forces are produced, which result in the rattling of roofing tiles or complete removal of the tiles.

That doesn’t mean tiled roofs are bad and you shouldn’t use it, but all you need to do is build a more secure roofing system to ensure that the tiles don’t rattle against the upward lift caused by the winds. Just like every product, interlocking roofing tiles have advantages and disadvantages as well, but if the advantages outweigh the disadvantages, then you should definitely go for these tiles.

The air pressure on top of the roof decreases as the wind travels over it. At the same time, the pressure underneath the roof increases, resulting in positive pressure on roof tiles. Whereas, the negative pressure above causes the tiles to be sucked upwards, causing the tail of the tile to lift. The forces will be higher if the pitch of the roofing is lower. If the tiles on your roof are sucked upwards instead of being blown off, then you should prevent using the traditional method of fixing roof tiles, which involves nailing or pegging the tiles at the head.

You need to secure the tiles at the bottom because that’s how it can withstand up to 5 times the force of roof tiles that were nailed at the head. You can also clip or wire the tiles to ensure that the tail of each tile is secured against wind uplift. For any damage to your roof tiles, you must consult a professional roofing contractor for quick and reliable repair.

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