How to Increase Conversion Rate to Earn More Money Online

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Occasionally it can be noticed a certain ambiguity regarding the meaning of conversion rate, especially among newcomers to Internet marketing. Understanding what this rate is, and then increasing it's actually quite simple.

A conversion rate is the percentage of website visitors who take the action you want. You can also hire the best conversion optimisation agency via

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Some marketers think that the conversion rate is limited to the number of sales. Absolutely wrong. The desired action of your visitors can take various forms, but they can be divided into three main categories: a sale, signup or a download.

To improve the rate of conversion means to get more visitors to take the action that you wanted them to take. The efficiency of these actions (sales, sign-ups, downloads, etc.) depends on several factors. Analyzing and improving each factor will determine the overall increase of the conversion rate.

Here are the most important tips to achieve this increase:

- Offer products and services that are in demand.

- Create a clear and steady call to action.

- Make the sale or sign-up process short and simple.

- Provide easy navigation.

- Optimize website loading speed.

- Ensure full browser support.

- List your privacy policy and your terms and conditions.

- Enhance trust by adding a phone number.

Besides these generally valid methods, there are some that apply to certain marketing strategies. In email marketing, for example, you may offer a valuable free gift and make the emails' subject line more attractive.

You'll have to test and improve each side of your business, in order to obtain better results. Your endeavor must target a higher conversion rate, that will lead to higher online earnings.

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