How To Approach ASVAB Multiple Choice Questions?

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Many soldiers find ASVAB, or the military's professional skills battery, intimidating. Your ASVAB score will help determine what positions you can apply for in your chosen branch of service and ultimately help shape your future and military career.

Prospective recruits are evicted from ASVAB style inquiries and therefore don't land as high as they should. You can solve the military aptitude test style questions at to ensure you get the highest score possible.

In the ASVAB exam, typical questions have only one correct choice and several questions that are completely independent. Your goal is to isolate the correct choices by deleting the wrong choices first. If this isn't possible, at least eliminate obvious wrong decisions, thus narrowing down your final decision.

With four answer choices, you have a 25 percent chance of guessing the correct answer. Looking at all the possible answers, you may be confused or interested in one of the wrong answers and you may miss the question.

Otherwise, don't immediately consider the answer options. Read the questions and think about the answers if you can. Try to predict what the correct answer should be. Now look at the selection one by one to get rid of the wrong decisions

Read through every possible answer and say "yes" or "no". That way, you should be able to turn off at least one or two possible answer options. If you turn one-off, you have three options, so you have a thirty-three percent chance of guessing correctly. If you can rule out a second, you now have a 50 percent chance of guessing it right.

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